Jasmine is a young and aspiring student at the University of Mary Washington where is currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Digital Studies and plans to graduate in May 2019.
At Mary Wash she has been highly involved as a student. She is a very active member in Campus Programming Board where she started off at a general member and later on held the position Hospitality Officer for their Productions Committee. She just finished her first year as Chair of this committee and is going to begin her second year as chair where she plans and executes events on small and large scales such as being in charge of the University’s Big Spring Concert. Jasmine was also highly involved in the online campus radio station for Mary Wash, WMWC Campus Radio, where she had her own radio show Melon Madness and held the position of Communications & Publications Manager. Jasmine was also a staff writer and staff photographer for the Blue & Gray Press which is the student-led newspaper on campus.
Her musical talents involve playing the ukulele, violin, guitar, and piano. Jasmine is also a freelance photographer, and ran her own online store for her business Jasmine’s Crocheted Creations from August 2015 to December 2017.

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