End of Chapter 1: The Characters Are Introduced

Cover Photo: Created by me with this photo on Adobe Photoshop.

Daily Creates

I completed three daily creates this week, including the one from earlier in the week. These are really fun to do!


Thinking About Photos

As someone with prior photography experience, I was worried that this week was going to bore me and feel like I’m wasting my time, however, I discovered the opposite. It’s always important for an artist to remember that one must always want to improve their craft. You can never know too much about something and so going in with an open mind I learned some great things.

I didn’t learn too much from the tips other than some composition tips mentioned in my blog post for the Thinking About Photos assignment.


After completing the Photoblitz assignment I didn’t feel any different other than excited about all the photos I had just taken. While it was a fun experience and helped me see everyday items as opportunities it didn’t feel like much other than just a fun activity. I plan on looking at what my classmates did for this assignment. I think another fun remix of this activity would be to give people the same environment (at different times) and see how similar or how different their photos are.

Six Stars of Visual Assignments

The Six Stars Assignment that I completed this week were definitely the most time-consuming part of my day.

There were a lot of opportunities to be done with this. I was worried at first about being able to relate them to my story and I’m still not sure if I did it correctly but I think I put a nice spin on them. I did some of these activities in the perspective of a Fantasy world. One was about Harry Potter, while another was The Hunger Games, and etc.


What did this week mean to you? What are you most proud of and why? If you could do the week over, what would you change? What are you looking forward to?


I feel like I’m starting to get a hang of this class and the expectations set forth. I definitely want to work more on my writing. I downloaded the Chrome Extension for Grammarly which hopefully will help me catch most of my errors. I think I’ve been creative so far in making the posts themselves more entertaining by adding photos and making sure I’m putting in links to things. I’m looking forward to seeing how I improve by the end of the course in terms of comfortability with writing about my work and progress. The Daily Creates are fun to work on but I would like to have more to say about them so I might spend just a little bit more time on them early in the week and write about my experience with them while it’s fresh in my mind.

Another thing I definitely want to do is make sure I budget enough time and maybe work on the bigger assignments first so that I can make sure I get those done.

Week One: DONE!

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