Final Goodbyes

Well, this last week was a wild ride. There were some ups and downs, we had some nice laughs, we cried (a little) and we made some good memories.

You need to do a summary that uses digital media to explain the story behind the entire week? This post should tell a story, too, but it should be the larger story of your week. Talk about the bigger picture instead of all the details you got into in the assignment posts. What did this week mean to you? What are you most proud of and why? If you could do the week over, what would you change? What would you do differently in the last 4 weeks.

I have learned a lot from this class. We spent a lot of time over the past few weeks learning about the different components of storytelling.

This was the first time however where we had to combine all the components together. There was a lot of practice in combining pairs of them together occasionally which helped prepare me for this.

I think right off the bat I would start off by starting my assignments earlier.Β  Even though I never was stressed about time commitments or really rushing to get things done, I would have started a day earlier than I usually did.

I’ve learned a lot about not only interacting with my classmates in an online course but how to get the most out of an online class in terms of my content posting and engagement.

This project definitely combines a lot of the skills I learned this semester involving persistence and research with online tools.

When I realized something wasn’t going my way or if I was uncertain that it was the best way to display my work, I found another way. Then when that didn’t work, I found another way.

I found cool software to do things I didn’t know I could online, and I also learned how to use the software I already know in ways I didn’t know it could be used.

I know now that communication can be universal, and stories can be told in more than one way, and they connect us all.



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