It’s The Final Countdown

I completed the following assignments for my 12 stars this week!

REPLAY: Epic Water Bottle Flip


3 Blind Mice — 5 Second Twist

A Word… A Picture… A Story

These were all interesting assignments to complete.

In order of favorites it’s:

  1. Instant Replay
  2. A Word… A Picture… A Story
  3. Spoiler Alert!
  4. 5-Second Video

I think there is definitely room for improvements on these assignments but as video projects go, they are solid.

I honestly didn’t feel like there were too many in the Assignment Bank that I felt were appropriate for this week/interested me in completing, so my lack of inspiration probably goes with my lack of enthusiasm on most of the stars.

I used a variety of platforms to complete this project. For some of the assignments, I felt comfortable stepping out of my bubble and using Adobe Premiere Pro, but there were others where it felt more comfortable using iMovie since I’m most familiar with it.

It was a good way to dip my toes into working with videos and if anything, it’s given me inspiration for my final project going into week five.


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