Legends of Tomorrow; Question of the Week

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To go back in time and change an event, or prevent something from happening in its entirety would be an amazing opportunity. I discussed this with some of my friends who are History majors and figured out something that would be interesting to see in a parallel universe.

What if Pearl Harbor never happened? I’m choosing to change this event because it brings up many questions: Would we still have entered World War II? Hitler would have taken over England and we would all be speaking German. We probably would have probably entered the war too late and England would still be occupied, and we would still all be speaking German.

Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that launched us into that war so to remove such a significant event, it leaves you wondering what would have happened next?

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  1. I really do enjoy history, especially World War II. So much of our present day life is predicated on that time period, even seventy years later. So it’s interesting that you’ve chosen to consider this topic.

    Personally, I don’t believe Hitler would’ve ever conquered England – let alone conquered it. Operation Sea Lion (Germany’s attempt to invade Britain) never really ended; it just kinda faded away. Crossing the channel just proved too difficult to a country with such a weak navy at the time. Britain fought back, sans any military (though they did get logistical) help from the United States.

    The United States was always leaning towards war. At the time, it was the world’s manufacturing and industrial super power. Roosevelt played it smart in the beginning by becoming the factory for the European war machine, but I’m sure that he knew war was unavoidable.

    So would we have entered the war, sans Pearl Harbor? I think so. Pearl Harbor just happened to be that unavoidable event that allowed Roosevelt to sign the order and still look like a pacifist. Why enter the war? The United States loaned alot of ‘stuff’ out and that ‘stuff’ costs money. You can’t get paid back by a country who’s in ruin, with no economy, and no way to repay it’s debts. That’s *kinda* what got the whole thing started in the first place – poor, economically shunted Germany.

    Your prompt has a good base to jump off of, but it feels like you got started and never really had a chance to flesh it out. For instance, Britain was never occupied by Germany (only the Channel islands were, and they were merely a blip on the radar).

    My advice – choose one aspect that you can detail out and really go at it. You’ve got a few budding ideas that would be better served if you just focused on one of them. Also, a few pictures wouldn’t hurt, even if they’re just copied and pasted from the internet. You can work wonders with a caption.

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