Let’s Learn! How to Read a Movie!

Roger Ebert did a short piece on How to Read a Movie.

His process starts with a couple of quotes of how it first start and how the first experience went.

“You can use that approach to study films. Just pause the film and think about what you see. You ought to try it with your film class.”

“Anybody could call out “stop!” and discuss what we were looking at, or whatever had just occurred to them.”

I love the idea of groups, small or big, being able to communicate together and fill in the holes in the knowledge that may be lacking. In a big enough group, the collective knowledge is outstanding.

Side note: The world is interesting yet again since he was appointed a film critic but had never taken a film course.

As someone who has taken a film course here at Mary Washington, this article was a very interesting read especially considering he comes from a different background than what I expected considering what the article was about.

I enjoyed learning about how he educated himself but did find it confusing since he was using some of his own terms and his own beliefs so I was a little confused on the purpose of the article.

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