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Daily Creates

There were two daily creates that I completed during the second part of the week. Both were fun and again I tested my luck with waiting to hope that the last two days were more interesting daily creates. It all worked out in the end!

Daily Creates: End of Week 3

Alternative History Assignment

This assignment was really difficult. I was worried about what I would be able to do and what would sound good. Luckily, thanks to the resources I had I am proud of the story I was able to tell.

The Hills Are Alive…With the Sound of Nazis

Sound Effect Story

I do most of my assignments while watching television and that definitely inspired this blog post.

Cooking with Sounds

It reminds me of those ASMR videos and I have DEFINITELY listened to it a bunch of times since I have created it. I’d love to listen to these type of things in my spare time.

Make Your Own Mixtape

My playlist is both amazing and fantastic. In my blog post, I explained the meaning behind my playlist, and I’ve explained in the past how much music means to me, but this is definitely a playlist I will listen to in my free time now.

My Happy Place

Make it 800% Slower

This assignment was fun to do and fun to listen to. I created it using Adobe Audition and their Stretch & Pinch Effect. I can only listen to it for a couple of seconds (like 30) but I recommend everyone try and guess what the song is!

This Popular Song but 800x Slower

Comment & Participate

I made a comment on Amanda’s blog about one of her Daily Creations. and her Sound Effects assignment.

I also commented on Aaliyah’s Dear Friends: Storytime Fun blog post!

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