Project Update: Everything Is Not As It Seems

So this morning I discovered my original plan was not going to work.

Unfortunately, with Adventr, my final project would only work on Desktops.

I did not want to risk things not working well because of this since it wasn’t working on my laptop, and I wanted this to be accessible to all.

If you are on a desktop then feel free to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

It was a very easy platform to work with while creating the project.

It was easy to connect the videos together, and all the connections were kind of crazy! It was cool to see how simple the interface was.

I used iMovie & Canva to create a few of the videos. All the other videos are videos of myself that I used.

There are some free sounds I used from online that I added to the videos in iMovie.

Sounds used: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The chalkboard photo I used was from a stock website known as Pexels.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to try my adventure, so I am trying a different route. My second idea was to try with YouTube, seeing as I was doing some research online and found that YouTube was the biggest suggestion for this type of activity.

I tried this route but unfortunately, some of my videos are too short to use their Cards & other special tools that would allow users to click from video to video.

My current plan for this is to finish completing it through UMW Domains and my blog for this class with embed YouTube videos and hyperlinks.

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