Reading Rainbow: Music Edition

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Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class. What did you learn from what you looked at above? What resonated with you and what didn’t make sense?

Coming into this class I have a lot of experience with music. I wanted to major in Music when I first got here to UMW, but shortly changed my major. Along the path to making this decision, I decided I very much enjoyed the technical aspect of audio. I have taken many of the Music Technology courses that involve setting up and recording musicians, followed by post-production with mixing and mastering songs to sound professional.

I’m also an avid music lover. I used to have a radio show and would record interviews that would then involve editing the clips.

From the videos, I was very intrigued by the stories they both told. Jad Abumrad mentions in the first clip, that he has a passion for audio and more specifically he discussed radio.  He states that if he can put images into peoples minds, then he is able to connect with them. I believe radio has a special sense of intimacy than most audio platforms. I agree with his beliefs because it’s unique. We have to imagine what is going on. I remember growing up and listening to my local radio show and picturing how the station was, picturing how the DJs looked, and when I found out how things actually were it changed my entire experience. When we watch movies we experience anything and we are taking in what is in front of us, but with radio, we are part of the creators in that journey which I believe makes it very unique.

During the second clip, he mentions creating a circle in storytelling. He also mentions that his voice has all the tools that the studio has, which I don’t really understand. He also tried expanding on a dream state which wasn’t really clear. I wish he had mentioned a few more examples on this to make it more relatable.

I enjoyed both of these clips because it is very evident that this is something he cares about and you can feel the passion.

I honestly didn’t spend much time looking at the resources because since I’ve taken the Music Technology courses before I’m fairly familiar with how to work with audio.

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  1. It was nice to hear about your passion for music! I think when Abumrad was speaking about his voice having all of the tools that he actually meant the manipulation of your voice.

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