Week 2: End

Daily Creates


Book Cover Assignment

Making a book cover is a lot more difficult than expected. I have to give credit to artists who design book covers because I found there to be a lot of pressure to try and get the story across.

I tried looking at other book covers for inspiration but I even felt that my favorite books didn’t have a cover that related to the book as much as it did really catch my eye.

#ds106 Alternate Book Cover Assignment

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I wish I had made the photos seem a bit more cohesive but there were also a lot of elements I wanted to incorporate to give the plot substance.

Alternative History

In a world of Nazi’s, propaganda is spreading into the streets. This is definitely one of the assignments I am most proud of from this week because of the realism behind it.

#ds106 Alternative History Assignment

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I feel that theoretically, this could be a photo on a fake website where the article goes viral with a fake headline on how Nazi’s are on the rise.

Choose Your Own Design

We were assigned to complete 4 more stars from the Design Assignment Bank. After researching ones that could be completed I decided to go with one involving word art

#ds106 This was my #DesignAssignments What The Font?

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I’ve always been a  fan of word art in graphic design so this was a very fun activity to complete!


I added comments on Kate’s blog, Andrew’s blog, as well as Issie’s blog.

This week felt a lot more interactive when introducing comments to everyone. I enjoyed the different perspectives I was able to get from my peers in regards to my work. I think Kate & Greg had interesting thoughts on my process and shared some words I will take into account going into next week.

I enjoyed being able to give feedback as well because I think it’s important to set-up an environment where healthy and constructive criticism so that we can better ourselves.

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