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Reflection Post & Canva

There was also the reflection post about the TED talks and Canva tutorials that I had to complete this week.


The @canva tutorials I completed this week! #ds106

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I’m a big fan of graphic design! I use Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop on the regular for creating promotional materials for various outlets so I am constantly trying to better my craft. The most important thing to me is how my work evolves because, on this day in the digital age, there is no excuse to not be adapting and growing. There are constantly things we should look out for in the world when it comes to aesthetics and TED talks & Canva tutorials definitely helped reopen my eyes to certain things.


I share very similar thoughts on this assignment as I do for the TED talks & Canva tutorials. These all tie together very well in order to have us look at the world in a more visually complex way. What I mean by that is after completing my DesignBlitz assignment, I started to notice things differently. I started to think about subliminal messages and how colors affect mood, or how size can assert dominance in a room, or how things are shaped a certain way to send a message. It was a very fun experience!

Question of The Week

To change history or to not? That is the question, of the week.

This week’s question left me deliberating on what were some of the most impactful events in our history, and what would be changed if they did or did not happen? There are a lot of changes that I considered such as the war that raged while my parents fled their home country when they were children, the Rwandan genocide, etc. What led me to choose my topic of WWII was the giant impact it had on not only a few countries, but the world to come. It was a global issue, and the impacts it had weren’t on a small-scale. However, all the above issues are things we should constantly be reflecting on to prevent in the future and fix for future generations.

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