Midweek 1: Hump Day

Featured Image: Created by me/Inspired by Daily Create on 6/26/2018

Welcome to my Blog!

The following are the links to all of my accounts:

For this course I have created a Twitter, InstagramSoundCloud , and YouTube accounts.

This is my personal Twitter account that I have had since 2012, and will be using for this course.
This will be my instagram account, a brand new account that will be used to update the class on my assignments.
I’m intrigued to see what we use SoundCloud for, but this is my account that I have had since my Freshman year of Mary Washington and have not touched in quite a while.
This is my YouTube channel which is relatively new and has only been used for one other course.

I have prior experience with Domain of One’s Own since it is a very common tool used in classes at Mary Wash so setting up this SubDomain didn’t take too long. There are widgets on the side for my Instagram & Twitter accounts that I will be using for this course. The only accounts that are not commonly used for other courses/personal use is my Instagram account and this subdomain which will be solely dedicated to this course.

I wonder, what kind of experience do the rest of my classmates have with DoOO? From the way introductions it seems there are some CDS majors so I believe some of you would already be familiar with the process. But I know there are some non-CDS majors so I wonder how difficult, if at all, you found the process of creating the blog/other accounts?

Daily Create
The week begun with a Daily Create that reintroduced a tool that is great for graphic design/interior design.

Instagram/Slack Blog Post
I created a new Instagram account for this course so that it could be solely dedicated to Digital Storytelling. There was also an introduction I made to the slack channel so my classmates could learn more about me and so that I could learn about them.


Afterwards I also posted about this experience on my blog!

Question of the Week
I’ve explained what my favorite type of story is, and while I was writing up my post I went to look at my peers blog and it was quite intriguing to see the different perspectives we will be bringing to the class.  I believe that storytelling is a very important skill to have in our society, as it connects us and brings us closer.

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