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Daily Creates

This week there were two daily creates we had to complete, both that involved drawing. I really enjoyed them both but definitely, the one that was the most fun to create was the second Daily Create. I actually took inspiration from an OLD concept map I had done and revamped it.

Old Concept Map

It was definitely intriguing to see how much has changed in who my closest connections are but also who disappeared from the concept map.

#ds106 Daily Create from Monday

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#ds106 Daily create from today!

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Reading & Resource Reflection

I have a lot of experience involving audio so if anything, I found this reflection just to be a refresher on my emotions towards working with audio.

Audio Reflection — Moon Graffiti

“You ever wonder why we’re here?” “What does this all mean”? Are some existential questions I ask myself last at night when I’m too exhausted to fall asleep and made me think a lot for this reflection.

This podcast was very bone-chilling but also inspiring in audio recording.

Overall Thoughts?

A pretty slow week, so I’m hoping the rest of the week picks up with the other assignments. I expect it to pick up a lot so I’ll try to make sure I have enough time for it all.

Also, audio storytelling is fricking cool.

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