Woah, We’re Halfway There!

Daily Creates

This week’s daily creates weren’t too difficult and they were fun to do!

Allowed me to use my imagination and also talk about things that were important to me.

Daily Creates: Midweek 4

Learn How to Read a Movie

The short piece by Ebert left me feeling more confused at the end than anything.

I wonder if anybody else felt this way?

I think he had great ideas but I never grasped what the purpose of the piece was other than him talking about himself. Which I guess I can’t really judge considering that’s what this blog has been for me.

Let’s Learn! How to Read a Movie!

Question of the Week

As someone who isn’t super familiar with nursery rhymes, I struggled a little bit on this one but after some research, I came up with an idea!

Three Blind Mice –> Three Blind Mice who aren’t getting chased by a knife

Three Is Company: Question of the Week


I loved refreshing my knowledge of filming techniques and just how much thought goes into filmmaking. There is so much that can be done pre-production that people don’t realize, and so much that NEEDS to be done pre-production.

Let’s Learn! About Filming Techniques!


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